⛔ CAUTION: All WTY Tokens bought from the Arbitrage Platform must be resold entirely on Pancakeswap immediately, it cannot be held, stored or kept in your wallet; if you want hold WTY for the long term, then buy it on Pancakeswap. Kindly Comply to avoid BLACKLISTING of your Wallet Address



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Benefits of WITTY

Attract Real Holders of your Token

Attract real holders of your token, People who will go beyond just holding your token but staking it inorder to be able to participate in the Arbitrage trading.

Discourage Airdrop Hunters Who Don't Add Much Value.

Rather than give your token for free to people who will most likely dump it at the slightest opportunity, Sell it at a discount to real holders of the token. Selling your token at a discount is better than giving it for free.

Much Better Way to Create a Large Community

Arbitrage Marketing is the Smarter way to Gain Traction, Generate Word of Mouth, Create a Large Pool of Token Holders without giving out a single token for free; this will give you access to lots of quality prospects who can cross-sell your Use Cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to buy WTY on Pancakeswap and Swap WTY in any of the Staking Platform, then only can you Start your Arbitrage trading.

Nobody can tell, but you'll be leveraging the price difference between the price of WTY on the Arbitrage and Pancakeswap Platforms.

It is not guaranteed. But if you carry out your trade fast enough, the chances that you'll make profit is high; if the price moves against you, you may have to wait till the price favours you before you sell WTY on Pancakeswap.
Yes, all types of trading is risky. You are expected to trade with funds you can afford to lose.
BUSD and WTY for now, we will be adding more tokens in the future.
Your funds are Safe to the degree that you protect your Password and Private Keys. The Arbitrage Platform is Decentralized, so the platform does not Custody your assets/funds.
The Arbitrage Platform is an Invite only platform, So you need to contact the person who told you about this platform to give you a registration link; also you must stake some WTY before you can access the platform.
Yes, you get paid a percentage of the Transaction fees generated from every transaction done by your referrals. We pay up to 10 Levels deep. 15% for 1st level and 5% each from 2nd to 10th level.
This platform is online and therefore will work for anybody with access to the internet and decentralized wallets. However, if your country of residence prohibits Cryptocurrency trading, It's your responsibility to adhere and stay away from this Platform.
Invite your friends and earn Referral Commissions of up to 60% of Transaction Fees for life. This is the Passive Income Lifestyle